Swixer is a one-stop-shop for all your production needs in Austria. Our team of local producers and production managers are equipped to handle a wide range of productions, from film and television to commercials and music videos. Their expertise spans all aspects of production and can help out with: cost estimation, crew, equipment booking, communication between stakeholders and creative execution. No matter where about in the country you are planning to shoot Swixer’s team has the local knowledge and experience to ensure a successful shoot. 

Producers and production managers help with:
Budgeting / cost estimates
Booking and managing crew
Scheduling & call sheets
Translating and cultural nuance
Managing action and schedule on set
Overseeing scouting, locations and permits
Supervising insurance, legal and safety regulations
Creative execution

Producers and production managers work on
TV show
Digital / social content
Corporate video
Commercials / sponsored content
Scenic b-roll: landscape and urban
Feature films
Photo shoots
Live events


We offer a variety of crew members and production services to meet your needs.


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