Locations in Austria

Austria offers an incredible range of film locations for productions of all sizes. From dramatic mountain peaks and alpine forests, to idyllic lakes and stunning cityscapes, the country has something for everyone. The capital, Vienna, is a particularly popular choice for filmmakers, offering an incredible mix of classic, baroque architecture, modern design, and a unique mix of cultural influences. But there is far more to Austria than just Vienna. The rural landscape is home to picturesque villages, lush green valleys, and majestic castles, while the cities of Salzburg and Graz are both great options for urban productions. For a more remote setting, Austria also offers expansive meadows, rugged mountain ranges, and crystal clear lakes, providing a perfect backdrop for any production. Whether you’re looking for the perfect outdoor location or the perfect city backdrop, Austria has it all.

Local Crew

When it comes to film crews, Austria is a great option. Their crews are highly skilled and mostly work in English, making them a great choice for international productions. The equipment they use is of the highest quality, guaranteeing that your project will be filmed with great results. Austrian crews are also very flexible and can provide custom solutions for any need. Rates are competitive and make their services accessible to any type of production. They are also very reliable, working quickly and efficiently to make sure that your project is delivered on time. So if you need a skilled, reliable and cost-effective film crew, look no further than Austria.

Filming permits

Filming permits are often required for any type of filming in Austria. This can range from private to commercial, and from small to large-scale projects. Obtaining a permit depends heavily on the federal state you are filming in, as the rules and

regulations vary from one state to another. In Vienna, for example, each shoot on public spaces must be approved at least 10 days prior to the actual filming by the Vienna Film Commission. Other cities have different rules and regulations. For shoots involving animals or children, you must notify the authorities at least 6 weeks before the filming. Moreover, the cost of filming permits vary from one federal state to another and are usually not too expensive. Knowing what filming permits you may need and understanding the regulations in the state in which you are filming is essential for any successful shoot in Austria.


Austria is a stunning and diverse country, making it an ideal location for filming. From its majestic castles and charming old world towns to modern cities, Austria has something for everyone. The country is home to some of the most beautiful castles in the world, such as Burg Hohenwerfen, Burg Esterhazy and Burg Hochosterwitz.

The capital city Vienna is a vibrant and culturally rich city, with plenty of iconic sites

that make for great filming locations. The city is also home to the Belvedere Palace, Schonbrunn Palace and Hofburg Palace. Austria also boasts a variety of beautiful mountains, lakes and rivers, making it perfect for outdoor shoots. The country is also home to many incredible museums and galleries, such as the Leopold Museum and the stunning Belvedere Gallery. Many films have been shot in Austria, ranging from Hollywood blockbusters to independent films. Some of the most famous films shot in Austria include The Sound of Music, Before Sunrise and Knight and Day. 

Weather in Austria

Austria has a temperate, continental climate with four distinct seasons. Winters tend to be cold and snowy, with temperatures dropping to below-freezing levels. Summers are usually mild, with temperatures reaching up to 25°C. Rainfall is common throughout the year, and thunderstorms are frequent during the summer months. In the mountainous regions of Austria, the weather can be unpredictable and change quickly. During the winter, snowfall is common and ski resorts get plenty of snow. In the summer months, temperatures can reach up to 35°C or more in parts of the country. Overall, Austria has a varied climate that is affected by its location in Europe and the surrounding Alpine region.

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